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At 2032communication, our dedicated team is committed to more than just communication – we are here to transform your business into a distinguished brand. Through strategic planning, innovative marketing, and a personalized approach, we aim to not only enhance your visibility but also imbue your enterprise with a unique identity that resonates with your target audience. By working collaboratively with us, your business will undergo a metamorphosis, transcending mere products or services to become a recognized and memorable brand in your industry.

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At 2032communication, we stand out as an international communication and PR agency that thrives on innovation within the industry. Our dedicated focus extends to supporting and promoting entrepreneurship, with a particular emphasis on businesses founded by women. Through our dynamic and forward-thinking approach, we strive to empower these ventures, fostering growth, visibility, and success in a global landscape. By choosing 2032communication, you align with a partner dedicated to not only effective communication but also to championing diversity and the advancement of entrepreneurial initiatives led by women.

Our approach stands as a distinctive concept in Romania, specifically designed to empower entrepreneurs in fostering the growth of their businesses. What sets our concept apart is its innovative nature in the realm of communication.

We redefine traditional communication strategies, integrating cutting-edge methodologies to address the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs. Our commitment to innovation goes beyond conventional practices, embracing new technologies, data-driven insights, and creative storytelling techniques.

By leveraging these innovative elements, we provide entrepreneurs with a dynamic platform that goes beyond the ordinary, enabling them to connect with their target audience in more meaningful and impactful ways. Our innovative communication solutions are tailored to propel businesses forward, ensuring that our clients not only navigate the competitive landscape but thrive in it.

In essence, our unique concept not only stands as a testament to our commitment to entrepreneurship but also reflects our dedication to pioneering advancements in communication strategies, ultimately empowering businesses to reach new heights of success.

For enterprises dedicated to sustainability, particularly in sectors such as renewable energy and eco-friendly product development, we provide competitively priced solutions tailored to ambitious objectives. Our comprehensive offerings include strategic positioning on national television, strategically amplifying your brand narrative to enhance trust and visibility. By leveraging our platform, we facilitate the elevation of your green initiatives, positioning your organization as a leader in environmental stewardship. Let us collaboratively emerge into prominence and contribute to a healthier planet.

At 2032communication, we specialize in securing impactful TV appearances, ensuring your brand attains mass-media visibility without the need for advertising expenditures. Wondering why you should choose 2032? We’re not just an ordinary agency; we represent the culmination of our collective experience as former journalists.

Distinguished by our expertise in crafting high-quality content and our extensive connections within the mass-media landscape, we harbor a genuine passion for PR and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to narrate your story effectively, utilizing our honed skills to collaboratively construct a robust and credible brand that resonates throughout conversations.

By selecting us, you eliminate the need for advertising expenses. This translates to optimized marketing costs and accelerated business growth. Partner with 2032communication, where we don’t just communicate – we catalyze your brand’s journey to prominence.


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Alecsandra Costin


Hello, everyone! My passion lies in people, stories, and businesses. My journey into the realm of communication was no coincidence, as I believe nothing in life happens by accident. Having dedicated 12 years to three national television stations, I decided to embark on a new chapter. Naturally, I chose to delve into the fields of communication and PR. This decision has proven to be the best one I’ve made. The ability to communicate on behalf of fellow entrepreneurs, as well as for my own business, is incredibly fulfilling.

Alin Hampu

Marketing Director

Hello! Being part of the 2032communication team is a challenge and a continuous development opportunity! The world we live in is heavily focused on the digital environment, so the messages we spread online must be relevant to remain in people’s minds. How are such messages constructed? We are just a phone call or click away!

Andreea Caitas

Senior PR account manager

Hello! About myself, I can say that I am an analytical but also creative person. I enjoy challenges, and in PR, you encounter many challenges. I like to learn new things, to listen, and to find solutions because every problem has a resolution.

Carmen Drăgan


New to the world of PR, Carmen enthusiastically discovers the power of well-told stories in the media and on social media. With experience in European fund consulting, Carmen is extremely meticulous and we are confident that she does not miss any information in communication.

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