2032 communication is the only communication, PR and crowdfunding agency in Romania that focuses EXCLUSIVELY on female entrepreneurship.

We are strong, creative and want to be heard! We can help you tell your story.

Our concept is unique in Romania and aims at helping female entrepreneurs grow their businesses.


For businesses that focus on industries that protect the environment (from renewable energy to the production of biodegradable items) we offer small prices for big ideas. We’ll tell your story on TV for the entire country to become aware of it. This will increase the public’s trust in your business. We’ll help you come out of anonymity and together will help this planet breathe better.

We specialise in TV appearances and we can help you become visible in mass-media, without having to pay for advertising. Why choose 2032? Well, because we are not just any agency. We are the cumulation of our experience as ex-journalists.

We are experts in creating quality content. We have the best connections in mass-media. We like PR and entrepreneurship. We want to tell your story and we know how to do it. Together we can build a powerful and trustworthy brand that everyone will talk about.

If you choose us, you won’t have to pay for advertising.

You’ll optimize your marketing costs and grow your business.

We turn your dream into reality!

We can’t wait to meet you!

Women's Power!

Find out how to write a press release like a pro!