Crowdfunding campaigns are complex and require a good knowledge of the target audience and objectives. And when we talk about objectives, we don’t only refer to the financial ones. A good crowdfunding campaign can transform into a successful business and, of course, into a profit of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are referring to international platforms such as Kikstarter or Indiegogo. That’s why we provide both counselling and implementation. The implementation entails creating the concept and translating it into a project and a presentation video. At the same time, it’s not enough to have the perfect presentation video. You also need a community. Thus, forming a community comes before the launch of the project, at least 4 months prior, because it requires time. The community is formed with the help of social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), influencers, press releases, and distribution in the agreed upon mass-media.

A concrete example of crowdfunding campaign

NmH BY Nicholas is one of the companies for which we’ve organised a crowdfunding campaign. We created the concept, the presentation video and the project for Kickstarter. The client took care of the marketing. Unfortunately, the campaign was not visible enough and did not obtain the required amount. Later on, together with the client, we identified the mistakes and planned to reupload the product on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Therefore, after creating a unique concept that has a story behind it, a presentation video must be created. Nevertheless, the most important part is forming the community. And this doesn’t only entail Facebook and Instagram, but also a community that is interested in your product and that is accustomed to crowdfunding campaigns. The reason for this is that some people are not willing to pay for a product that they might receive 3-4 months after placing the order. As previously mentioned, you need to form an international community that is accustomed to crowdfunding and this can be achieved gradually, with the help of specialists. Only after you generate anticipation and you pique the interest of the potential clients, can you launch the campaign.
Therefore, the presentation video is highly important and must raise the profile of your product. It must make it seem indispensable to the potential clients. We can help with all these. We can provide expertise, implementation support and guidance after the launch of the campaign.