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We’ve launched the #ACUM campaign out of the desire to help female entrepreneurs tell their story. And, with us, their story goes on. On our YouTube channel, you can find all the interviews with women in business who have opened their hearts to us and, therefore, to you!

The Guardian Angel of Preemies

Today, we shall talk about Diana Gămulescu. She is the founder of the Association of Premature Babies.

I have known Diana ever since I was working in television. We visited her to talk about preemies, about the deficiencies of the health system and about the hardships that the parents of preemies go through. It was six or seven years ago. Then too, Diana helped many parents and babies. She has continued her mission and, nowadays, she helps even more people and does as many good deeds as she can. She is not alone, because she has a dedicated team standing behind her. She doesn’t actually think she does good, but good is in her DNA. Good deeds come naturally. In her own words, “it would be abnormal not to help and not to try and make a change, however small or big, in the Romanian health system.”

Diana is one of the tens of thousands of female entrepreneurs in Romania who do something for all of us and for the country we live in. “The social project I’m in charge of is called the Association of the Premature Babies and it was born out of a personal experience. Ten years ago, I gave birth prematurely and, due to the fact that this impacted me and completely changed my perspective on my career, my priorities, the things that need to be done and what it would mean for each one of us to try and improve the things around us, I decided to dedicate myself to this cause and started doing it with small steps. And it’s already been 8 years since I and my team and many volunteers first started developing support projects in the maternity wards and at the moment of discharge of vulnerable newborns”, Diana told us.

#ACUM we make the good possible!

She has basically dedicated her entire life to a cause: helping children and the parents of premature babies. She gets emotional every time she talks about the youngest among us. It’s very difficult to carry in your heart the stories of so many families who have struggled so much before they got well and were able to take their children home healthy. There are many infants who spend months on end in incubators and whom mommies can only see from a distance, they can’t hug, can’t read them bedtime stories. There are babies who, in their first months of life, don’t see the blue sky and don’t feel the sunrays on their faces. They only see people dressed in white coats and cold, white hospital walls. For some of them, Diana and her team have struggled to find incubators. They bought incubators, because in Romania, outrageous as it might sound, there are still not enough incubators for premature babies. The parents of preemies don’t get support. They don’t know what to do, which way to turn, whom to ask for help. But Diana is always there. She’s there for you. Just write to her and she will surely help you with all her heart and do everything in her power to make.

By giving, we will make a change!

What can we do for Diana? We can donate, we can donate through our companies, we can tell her story and that of the Association of Premature Babies, so that everyone knows that there is someone who can help. We can volunteer. We can talk to Diana and I’m sure she’ll find something for us to do.

Thank you, Diana!