Dress to Express is a non-profit project launched on February 1, 2021. In just three weeks, it generated a rate card worth 17,000 euro due to appearances on the top national TV channels and online publications.

Observator, Antena 1, Vorbește Lumea, Libertatea, Click, Metropola TV are some of the mass-media publications that helped spread the word.

Metropola TV was the mass-media partner in this project.

Apart from the TV appearances, we generated a Facebook reach of around 40,000 in 3 weeks.

Marketing context

At times of hardship, when many people, particularly women, have lost their jobs, Dress to Express helps women with low revenues to regain confidence in their own strengths. Moreover, it helps them gain the knowledge required to perform well at job interviews.

The unemployment rate of women has increased by almost 50% during the pandemic. According to the data provided by the National Institute of Statistics, published in the Official Journal of Romania, two thirds of the employees that lost their jobs last year were women. In June 2020, Romania had 457,000 unemployed people, which means that the number has increased by 100,000 compared to the previous year or half a year. Furthermore, the forecast for the following period is no better.

Description of the project Dress to Express

The Dress to Express project was initiated by Alecsandra Costin, the owner of 2032communication and Dana Tacea, fashion stylist. Together with their business partners, they aim at providing business attires and counselling to women with low revenues who are in search of a job or who are going to job interviews. Soon after its launch, many business partners joined the project: Andra Pintican – HR specialist, Gisello – fashion designer, the Touched Association, the Anais Association, DGAS București etc.

In the second week, the project provided 2 business outfits to one woman and 1 job interview outfit to another. The project will also include career counselling workshops organised by Andra Pintican.

Objectives of the PR campaign of Dress to Express

Going viral with the campaign and extending it nationwide.

How? Through repeated appearances in mass-media and influencer-based campaigns.

Target audience

1. Primary audience

Women of all ages that are well-educated but have low and average revenue and have lost their jobs. Women that are in search of a job or are preparing for a job interview.

2. Secondary audience

Entrepreneurs interested in associating with this project and that are willing to contribute with their services and time. Women that wish to give clothes away.

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