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How do TV appearances help you grow your business?

How do TV appearances help you grow your business? I was reading the other day on a Facebook group for entrepreneurs that TV appearances are obsolete. That they don’t help you grow your business and are just money thrown out the window. Another opinion was that only advertising can help you. But that’s for big companies because not many companies can afford to buy prime time advertising.

What we can tell you is that TV appearances are good and recommended for brand growth and reinforcement. It’s not outdated television. TV spots should be an option but not the first option for a company. Organic, content news should be a priority and that’s what PR agencies do.

How do TV appearances help your business?

We have said “media appearances”, but we will refer especially to TV appearances. How do TV appearances help you grow your business? They give you exposure and strengthen your brand. In the case of small and medium-sized businesses, they shape your brand. Why would you want to be a brand? So that people trust you and because you want to create a community around your business. PR doesn’t come in, marketing does that. PR however BUILDS REPUTATIONS, and the results show in the long run. Imagine that you have succeeded in creating an extensive and engaged community around your business. That community won’t disappear, it will grow and spread your story.

That’s right! PR results are hard to measure. It’s hard to measure other people’s perception of you, but it will show up in your business engagement and gradually in sales. You won’t get immediate results, as with marketing, but the results you get will be long-term. There is no such thing as short term, as with marketing campaigns.

What do we say on TV to help with media appearances?

We tell your story. Your story, your employees’ story and that of your products. That’s how you get the public’s attention. People will become interested and they’ll want to know more, because people believe more in news signed by journalists than in commercials or advertising campaigns. By telling your story, you open your soul to people. They will resonate with you and your story. Implicitly, they will also resonate with what you offer them, whether it’s products or services.

How do you decide how to tell your business story on TV?

It’s relatively simple for a PR person to determine the right story, the right message and the right tone for your business story. First of all, it’s extremely important to know who you’re talking to and to address your target audience accordingly. For example, not everyone buys organic cosmetics. You need to identify the niche and, at the same time, create the need for those products, to bring people outside your original niche on board.

In order to communicate effectively in the media, you need a consistent and coherent communication plan. You don’t saturate the market, but you also don’t let people forget you.