Nea Balan Grocery Store is a family business. From the moment they set the launch date, we’ve been managing the business’s marketing. We’ve created a concept and a marketing plan for Nea Balan Grocery Store. The first step was to grow its Facebook community.

Creating a communication strategy for Nea Balan Grocery Store

The communication strategy for Nea Balan Grocery Store was created after identifying the target audience. We identified the needs of the community and we began to implement campaigns that would add value to that community.

Partnership with DGASPC (the General Directorate of Social Assistance) of Bucharest

Nea Balan Grocery Store is located in a community where there are many parents. Therefore, we made some speculations regarding the people’s needs and we’ve partnered up with DGASPC (the General Directorate of Social Assistance) of Bucharest that helps us collect clothes, toys and various accessories for the children. All the donations reach the families with low revenues. This campaign had a big impact in supporting the local community and we were able to communicate it in mass-media.

The bookshelf inside Nea Balan Grocery Store

In a community that has no bookshops, we implemented another campaign: the bookshelf inside the grocery store. This is a unique concept through which we proposed to the members of the community to bring a book to the grocery store and take another one from the bookshelf. This is an initiative through which we encourage culture during a period when we all need stories more than ever. We need to continue to dream and hope. All the PR campaigns and actions have led to the consolidation of the community and have translated into sales and the shaping of the brand. The Facebook page has a reach of over 20k in just 4 months since the opening of the grocery store and over 2k likes. In mass-media, the PR campaigns generated over 15,000 euro of rate card in two months. This also led to an increase in client trust and in the number of people that joined the community. The grocery store has become a point of reference for the community, not only due to the quality of the products, but also due to its involvement in the life of the community