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You have certainly heard about strategic communication.  But what does it mean, how will it help your business and how can you communicate strategically? Do you know?

What is strategic communication?

Strategic communication can bring your company the visibility you want. We’re not just talking about your customers here, but all the people who get to interact with your brand.

Every company should have a communication strategy that includes the communication channels, the frequency of their use and the expected results.

What is a communication or PR strategy?

A communication strategy is a well thought out plan that increases public confidence in your business. It helps anticipate crisis situations, because the strategy will include a number of ready-made solutions.  In order to be able to present your product to your target audience, you need to concretely identify the communication style you want to use.

Steps towards strategic communication

The first step: Research

Before developing the communication plan, an analysis of the market and of what has been done so far must be done. This will show whether they have been effective, what needs to be changed, what needs to be kept.

At the same time, it is important to study how the market perceives articles related to the product or services you are going to promote, but also consumer preferences. Armed with this basic information, we can start developing the plan.

The second step: Establish the purpose

What does this mean? First, the consumer’s needs have to be considered and then come the brand’s communication goals. We need to know exactly where we want to go, measure results, know what the company’s resources are and set a time limit for implementing the communication strategy.

Third step: Establish the target audience

If you don’t know who your target audience is, communication is in vain. In fact, a communication strategy is built around the target audience. Depending on your audience, you set the tone of the communication, the key messages. Defining your target audience comes with a very good understanding of your product. The needs of your target audience must be compatible with your brand and what it promotes.

Next step: The message conveyed

The information you convey and the way you convey it makes consumers empathize with your brand. The message must persuade, inspire and they should be attractive and original.

Strategic communication is basically the result of a well-developed and implemented communication plan. You set the objective, analyse the market and set a timeframe in which you need to achieve your goals. Then, you communicate key messages to your target audience.

Good luck communicating!