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We have launched the first PR agency exclusively for female entrepreneurs

2032communication is the first PR agency in Romania exclusively destined for female entrepreneurs.

The concept is unique in the country.

Also it is also characterized by sustainability.

“We want to help start-ups working in any field that protects the environment to grow. So, for businesses such as these, we offer extremely low promotion costs. We want the female entrepreneurs who are just starting out to get the best promotion services to help grow their business. In this way, we bring money to the state budget, we create new jobs together and we protect the environment. We want to leave something behind, so we are helping small businesses with a big potential to grow”, said Alecsandra Costin, the owner of 2032communication.

In other words, if you are a woman and run a green energy business, a factory that uses recyclable materials in the production process, if you have organic crops or any other environmentally friendly business, you are eligible for media promotion at a minimal cost.

Why an agency exclusively for female entrepreneurs?

Because we want to encourage female entrepreneurship. Last year was a tough year for business in general, and extremely tough for small and medium-sized businesses. Plus, did you know that only 34% of the shareholders or partners of the companies in Romania are women? Well, there are still few of us in business, but the number is growing every year. We want to help women entrepreneurs make their voices heard!” says Alecsandra Costin.

We have devised a system to help small and medium-sized businesses. We will offer entrepreneurs media appearances on the country’s main TV channels at a minimal cost. The media exposure will come with a well-developed promotion plan designed to bring results in only a few months.

The 2032communication agency is made up of former journalists with a least 12 years’ experience in television. Among the agency’s social impact projects for women is “Dress to express” – an initiative aimed at low-income women who are looking for a job and need professional outfits for job interviews.