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What are the latest trends and good practices in PR?

All the channels create a unique environment for the brands to express their stories. The key practice in all of them is to find the perfect tone of voice and method to remain all the time with the community. PR agencies keep up with all the trends and changes over time and recommend some initiatives for the brands to become trendsetters, rather than followers.

3 tips in PR:

Goodbye press releases, welcome more authentic content related!

Some of us are used to create the main document of the event with all the specific data – the casual press release. All the companies and agencies send this paperwork too al the media channels and business publications to be reposted on their own channel. This practice remains an old tactic of communication, which step-by-step will be transformed. The communities react to more authentic and natural ways of communication. An organic article, company-based with real date can create a better impact on the community.

No advertorials – better organic articles with added value and credibility.

As more and more of us are bored with advertorials, brands orient around organic materials. The importance of credibility is an essential pillar for brands. All the pins around the marketing strategy are developed around the idea of credibility and well-relation with the customer. How the client percept the message of the campaigns has changed over time and now we highlight substance, truth, and utility.

Face-to-face interviews and less digital zooms:

During pandemic, we were in the situation to choose digital experiences over face-to-face interviews. All zoom apps were in high demand during pandemic due to the fact that all the restrictions impacted business procedures. Now, the media prefers to organize interviews for real, to experience the authentic way of communication.

3 tips in social media:

Social media content in line with the apps.

Social media become an important asset for companies for awareness and sales. A great practice of obtaining better result is creating a fitted content for the platforms, in line with all the app guidelines. For example, at Instagram, the standard dimensions are a must have action to do for exposing the content. Same practice is for LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and other aps thet the company is using.

Clean message.

The newcomers generate all the time new content. The common pin in all the popular context is the simply way of telling stories. The brands should focus more on clear messages and honest hones, rather than complicated ways of expressing ideas. A great picture with the phone, a natural video with an employee speaking, or a great copytext very natural, all respecting brand guidelines, can generate more impact that a sophisticated content without human touch.

Context and stories.

The power of social media is based on context and real situations, events. All the content plans should be delivered in great report with real events, the actual context of the society, culture of the community. This can be an asset of communication, to follow the real events and apply the information in your marketing strategy. For example, fashion in relation with sustainability trends, or even great associations as apple and Superbowl.

As a home list, you should remember that the authentic message of the company and the relevant stories are the great substance that can be placed in more and more places, situations and channels.