Communication & PR


We specialise in mass-media appearances.We enjoy discovering stories and making people aware of them. We like quality journalism and we know a lot of experienced journalists that know how to tell the stories we provide. Due to our over 12 years of experience in central mass-media, we have access to all online publication and national TV channels. What does mass-media exposure offer you?
  • You become known and it reinforces your image without having to pay for advertising.
  • You’ll have an impeccable market reputation.
  • You’ll attain notoriety and influence.
  • We have the best connections in mass-media.
  • We have access to everything from TV, to online publications and blogs.
  • We’ll help your target audience get to know you through high quality news.


  • Your event will be promoted on all the TV channels.
  • Everyone will find out about your event.
  • It will be a glorious event.
  • You won’t have to pay astonishing amounts.
  • With a decent budget you can get an event that everyone will talk about for a long time.


A proper press release will bring you incredible exposure. It can have tens or even hundreds of press appearances, depending on the topic of the press release. Basically, if you prepare to launch a new product or service, if you own an innovative product, if your business has experienced an incredible growth, a press release on any of these topics will be very successful. You might be wondering why this is so important? And the reason is that information is the most precious weapon in business. And if the information about your product or service reaches the proper audience, your business will grow. What can we offer?
  • We can guarantee at least 4 appearance of your press release in mass-media.
  • Your message will be relayed clearly and efficiently.
  • The content you approve will be rendered in mass-media.
  • The press release will reach both local and national mass-media (TV, online, print).


  • We’ll make your business known by using your image. Thus, you will gain the trust of your clients and collaborators. Every company needs to focus on the personal branding of the company’s manager.
  • We offer you authenticity. An authentic personal brand enables you to be yourself, and promote your personal values.
  • Journalists will write about you because we’ll provide them with information and stories.
  • You’ll have the support of a team of journalists that know how to transform your story in successful news.


Even though they are less known in Romania, crowdfunding campaigns can help you grow your business or launch a business using other people’s money. What can we do for you?
  • Counselling and implementation
  • Establishing a marketing plan
  • Writing the screenplay for the presentation film
  • Video production


Building a brand is the initial phase, and effective brand communication constitutes the subsequent step. This process necessitates meticulous planning and involves tangible implementation steps. The creation of brand materials tailored to diverse audience segments becomes essential. These materials should be organized based on the specific product or service, the company’s size, and available resources.


We have special packages at attractive prices  for any business that operates in a field that helps protect the environment. We help you grow so that, together, we can make a difference in this world. We offer TV appearances on the main TV channels and articles in some of the most important online publications. We wish to give your business a helping hand, because together we are stronger!